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Subadh Kumar Nayak

Bhubaneswar: While the price rise of onion has become a hot topic of discussion among the people across the country, a special Odia song dedicated on the issue has taken the internet by storm in Odisha.

Interestingly, the song which is doing round on different social networking sites has been composed by N Guru Dutta, who himself is an onion trader. Guru Music has produced the song while S Chandrakant has directed it.

Speaking about musical piece, Dutta said, “The song is based on my experience. I used to sell at least one sack of onion everyday but now I find it very difficult even to sell 10 kilos of onion. Therefore, I decided to share my experience through this song to spread social awareness among the people on this serious issue.”

“The song has now become viral and people have accepted it so much so that they have now started calling me 'Piaja Bhai'," said Dutta.

Not only onion price rise, people involved in blatant misappropriation and corruption in various government schemes like KALIA, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and Aahar Yojana have also been targeted through the song.

“It is an initiative to reach out to the government and people highlighting important social issue. I feel happy that I was a part of the project,” said singer Mamali.

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