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Dilip Kumar

Bolangir: A middleman from Kantabanji area in the district has been detained by the police for allegedly beating up two minor boys mercilessly at a brick kiln in Andrha Pradesh after the duo refused to work due to illness.

The incident has sent shock waves in the district after a video went viral on social media, triggering massive public outcry.

In the video, the middleman, identified as one Raja Khan is seen beating the minor boys with a wooden plank while hurling abuses at them.

According to reports, Khan had sent the minor boys to work at a brick kiln in Andhra Pradesh. However, they couldn’t report to work some days back due to illness. The owner of the brick kiln then called Khan who reached the place and began torturing the boys on their refusal to work.

Meanwhile, the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) in Bolangir has demanded immediate action against middleman Khan.
“We saw the video in which Raja Khan was seen beating a child mercilessly. It is absolutely inhuman. He needs to be arrested immediately,” demanded Yogeswar Mohanty, chairperson of Child Welfare Committee, Bolangir.

Mohanty further added that he would write to the Superintendent of Police (SP) and concerned police station seeking his immediate arrest. The matter will also be taken up with the district Collector for further action, he said.
As per reports, Khan has been detained for questioning and further investigations are on.


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