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Baripada: Tension ran high at the Baripada PRM Medical College & Hospital today after the death of a minor girl due to alleged medical negligence.

The minor girl from Syamakhunta block here was admitted to the hospital on October 30 reportedly for treatment of Thalassemia. Following her death today, his family members and relatives manhandled the medical superintendent alleging negligence on part of the health staff and on-duty doctors.

The family along with a few locals staged a dharna by placing the body of the deceased girl in front of the hospital gate.

"My daughter is a sickle cell patient and she needs frequent blood transfusions. This has been the case for us for many years. I have admitted her to the hospital many a time and most of the staff are aware of her disease and blood requirement. The last time she was admitted was in March earlier this year. After 8 months. I got her admitted for blood transfusion but the staff could not arrange blood. My repeated requests fell on deaf ears as none listened or helped me in the matter. I told them to submit the report so that I could take help of others, but they denied citing that they cannot give the reports in absence of a doctor," said the father of the minor girl.

Hospital authorities are yet to comment on the allegation of negligence.

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