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Bhubaneswar: Once again a piece of fake news claiming COVID-19 shutdown extension in Cuttack was found circulating on social media on Monday. Though Cuttack Municipal Corporation (CMC) was quick to come up with a clarification stating that it is a 'HOAX,' many social media users and observers see this phenomenon quite prevalent to be termed as a deliberate attempt not only at maligning the image of a particular news organisation, but also the whole sanctity of media.

It is not for the first time that OTV graphics and logo have been misused for such fake news regarding shutdown during COVID-19 pandemic.

Coming across such a morphed & fake piece of news, the Cuttack Municipal Corporation (CMC) today tweeted, “Don't believe this 'FAKE' forwarded message on #Shutdown extension! There is NO such official order extending the shutdown in #Cuttack city (CMC Area).”

On July 23, a false news snap shot with OTV logo claiming arrest of three individuals from Bhubaneswar for sharing fake messages about a flour brand being infected with COVID-19 virus had gone viral.

Earlier on July 9, similar piece of fake news using OTV logo was found circulating on social media. In another instance on June 30, one more fake picture prepared using OTV logo and graphics regarding shutdown in some areas of Jajpur district was found doing rounds on social media platforms. Later, Jajpur Police arrested one Himansu Baral, the prime accused who created rumours on Jajpur shutdown by posting fake news using OTV logo & graphics on social media.

On May 2, two youths were detained by Police at Buden Police Station in Bargarh district for spreading rumours regarding the spread of COVID-19 by posting fake news using OTV logo & graphics on social media.

OTV has continuously alerted its users & subscribers not to believe/forward/share such fake news. At the same time, OTV is making every effort of tracking the sources of such fake pictures & news and has and will be initiating action with the help of police against such mischief mongers.



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