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Poonam Singh

Cuttack: Diarrhoea scare has once again returned to haunt the Millennium City with cases of the water-borne disease reported to have broken out in Gopala Sahi, Odia Bazaar & other nearby areas under Ward No. 18 of Cuttack Municipal Corporation (CMC).

More than 30 people from the region have been affected by the water-borne disease and have been hospitalised.

Local residents have blamed polluted water and lack of proper wastewater disposal infrastructure for diarrhoea outbreak in the city.

According to reports, the drainage system of the area is not cleaned regularly due to which the drains are choked even though its dry season. The residents are of the opinion that the tap water is getting contaminated with the influx of drain water into the piped water supply.

Meanwhile, the Cuttack Municipal Corporation (CMC) authorities after getting information about the outbreak of the water-borne disease have reportedly visited the area and ordered the cleaning of the drains and sprinkling of bleaching powder in the locality.

The CMC officials have also collected water samples for testing and distributed free medicines among the residents.

“I have been suffering for the last three days. The doctors have put me on medicine,” said a patient SukantMohanty.

“The CMC officials have now started cleaning the drain and sprinkled bleaching powders in drains and toilets. The CMC has also given ORS and distributed medicines which have given us a bit of relief,” added Mohanty.

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