Odishatv Bureau

Bhubaneswar: The Eighth edition of Odisha Television Limited’s annual convention, ‘Foresight 2018’ saw several brainstorming sessions and discussions on topics relevant in the present social, economical, cultural and political situation in the State and country.

The first session was graced by Union Minister of State for Agriculture & Farmer Welfare Gajendra Singh Sekhawat. The minister addressed the gathering on topic Mission 2022: The Key Implications of MSP – Threats & Opportunities.

“Hike of the MSP cannot be State specific. The move cannot be a solution to increase income of farmers as input costs are also going up proportionately every year," the Union Minister said adding that collaboration between the State and Central government is necessary to double the income of farmers by 2022.

Sekhawat further stated, "If we increase MSP of our produce too such then our products will not be able to compete in international market. If we create an environment where our farmers get a scope to move into allied sectors also then they will have a parallel source of income.".

The second session featured a panel discussion on ‘Odia Language Beyond Literature.’ The session was addressed by noted Journalist Soumya Ranjan Patnaik, eminent writer Haraprasad Das and former vice chancellor of Ravenshaw University Devdas Chhotray.

Speaking on the occasion, eminent writer Haraprasad Das said, "There is way too much silence and lack of interactiveness which should change for the development of language and literature."

Noted journalist Soumya Ranjan Patnaik said, "There was no divergence between Odia language and literature earlier. But such gap has emerged due to lack of usage of Odia language."
Patnaik further stated that Odia language should be used more and more for progress and advancement of literature.

Former vice-chancellor, Ravenshaw University Devdas Chhotray said, "Odia literature is not as vast as Odia language."

In the afternoon session, Lok Sabha MPs Gaurav Gogoi & Kalikesh Narayan Singh Deo deliberated on: Making of Young Parliamentarians in Lok Sabha- Absence of Constructive Debates.

"We have some of the most constructive debates in Parliament, but what gets covered is disruption," said Gaurav Gogoi.

BJD MP Kalikesh Singh Deo while speaking on the occasion said, "Unfortunately the only business in Parliament is to authorize what the executive has decided. There is no scope for raising questions."

Kalikesh further said that anti-defection law should be changed to allow politicians to raise voice against things which they don’t like about their respective party.

Speaking on the topic 'Politics for Elections or Development & Growth' in the penultimate session of the convention, BJP's Suresh Pujari said that development has taken a back seat and have no problems accepting that politics has become election-centric.

"70 years have passed yet politicians have failed to make people aware of their rights. To win elections development and growth are being used as propaganda in politics," said senior BJD Leader Damodar Rout.

Congress leader Narasingha Mishra on the other hand stated that, "It's unfortunate that today politics is all about winning elections."

In the final session, Bollywood actors Tisca Chopra and Ashish Bidyarthi shared their views on – ‘Do Celebrities Make for Good Role Models.’

"Celebrities should not be emulated blindly in real life unless there is something inspiring," said actress Tisca Chopra.

Speaking on the occasion, eminent Bollywood actor Asish Vidyarthi said, "Celebrityhood is like a mirage, one should trying to find the amazing things which lies within oneself."

According to Vidyarthi, a professional actor is someone who will do anything to portray a particular character closely and yet live to do another role.

"We have to create awareness that celebrities should not be blindly followed because a lot of things about them are unreal,"he added.