Odishatv Bureau

Bargarh: OTV team’s prompt action on a tip off yielded results after an Odia man missing since past 8 years and presumed dead was traced in UP’s Lucknow.

Dhanpati, son of Manohar Nayak of Mandosil village in Bargarh, was the bread earner of his family and went missing eight years ago when he ventured out of State in search of employment.

Sources said, Dhanpati lost most of his memory while wandering on the streets of Lucknow over these years but was rescued and employed by a restaurant owner Neeraj Sharma of Power House Road just three months ago.

“When I found him near Char Bag Railway Station, he was already lost. He narrated his entire ordeal of how he was tortured while working at Raebareli ever since he landed in Uttar Pradesh. He also stated that he was denied wages while working there and had lost hopes of ever returning to his home. But fortunately, I came in contact with an Odia customer who helped me trace Dhanpati’s family,” hotel owner Neeraj Sharma told OTV.

After coming in contact with an Odia customer named Manoranjan Dhal, Dhanpati narrated his story.

“When I came to the hotel, its owner asked me to help Dhanpati return to Odisha and thereafter I contacted OTV and found the address of Dhanpati. Now after getting to know about his family we are working on all possible ways to send him back to Odisha,” said Dhal.

Meanwhile, happiness of Dhanpati’s family knew no bounds after coming to know about their missing son. “After coming across the recent photograph of my son, long lost hopes of seeing him return to us have once again strengthened,” Dhanpati's father, Manohar told OTV.