Odishatv Bureau

Puri: Laxity in security norms inside Lord Jagannath Temple in Puri came to limelight after some forbidden photos of Mukti Mandap Pandit Sabha inspecting the holy Trinity’s rituals in the temple panjika (almanac) are found featured in Maa Hingula Panjika, a regional Odia almanac, posing serious question on safety of the shrine.

As per the protocols, no one is allowed to take electronic gadgets like mobiles, cameras or even bags and shoes into the temple. So the question arises how such secret photos including snaps of Mukti Mandap meeting were leaked.

Speaking to newsmen, Suryanarayan Ratha, the complainant who raised the issue said, "When the general public are debarred from taking cameras inside the temple premises, how the interiors of the shrine were photographed and its pictures were published in the local almanac.

On the other hand, Mukti Mandap Pandit Sabha Secretary said, “Someone from the panjika had clicked the snap without our knowledge. After a complaint in this regard, they gave a clarification on April 9 saying that it was a mistake and they were very sorry for their action. Such incident will never happen in future, they said."

“Not only this but photos of temple's inner chambers, 'Besha' of the deities’ have also come up in past which is very unfortunate. Jammers should be installed inside the temple so that any mobiles sneaked into the temple will automatically stop working,” senior servitor Binayak Das Mohapatra said.

Meanwhile, temple administrator (rituals) Pradip Kumar Das said "A report on how and why the photos inside the temple were taken has been demanded from the panjika office and we shall see under whose authority their coordinator clicked the photo. Only after the report comes in we will be able to take any action if necessary."