Saswat Singhdeo

Nabarangpur: Since the enforcement of new Motor Vehicles Act, we have come across several incidents of hefty fines being imposed on motorists but recently, in a bizarre incident, a Nabarangpur resident was fined by Traffic police of another district.

According to the complainant, Manas Ranjan Das, he never went to Jharsuguda but received a message from Jharsuguda Traffic Police saying that he has been fined Rs 500.

"I have never been to Jharsuguda. I am a resident of Nabarangpur and drive my bike within the city. I suspect that someone else is using my vehicle registration number," said Das.

In response to the incident, Nabarangpur RTO Ganeswar Kanhar said that it could be a mistake or someone else was using a fake number in Jharsuguda and was challaned.

"Someone might have used a fake number in Jharsuguda and the person whose name is officially registered under that vehicle number has received the message. We will investigate the case," said Nabarangpur RTO.