Saswat Singhdeo

Balasore:  At the age of 80, she is least worried about her limited physical abilities perhaps difficult times have taught her how to remain tough and fight against all odds. Rambhamani Nayak, who sells newspaper in Alipur area of Soro block under the district is the sole bread earner of a family and there can't be any better story of inspiration for all than hers.

A few years back, everything was going well until Nayak's husband was diagnosed with cancer and eventually succumbed to it. Even before she could recover from the shock of husband's death, his son passed away leaving the family members with an irreparable loss .

Things started turning so worse for Nayak, her daughter-in-law and three grandchildren that even getting three square meals a day became difficult but that is when she decided to take the matter in her own hands and started selling newspapers.

She sells about 100 newspapers a day at Jamujhadi bazaar of the district and earns a living for her family of five.

"I come here early morning everyday to sell newspapers. I have not received any help from the government apart from rice. My son died 5 years ago but my daughter in-law is also not getting any pension. I sell around 100 newspapers every day," said Nayak.

Speaking about her plight, Krushnachandra Bhuyan, a newspaper agent said,"When her husband fell sick, I gave her papers to sell and that is how instead of begging she earns money for her family. She has not received any help under government schemes like Indira Awas etc."

A traveller and a resident of Basudevpur, Maheswar Barick said, "I always buy newspapers from her while passing through this area. She does a lot of hard work."

While Nayak's struggle to make ends meet continue, it is yet to be seen when her plight is going to attract the attention of the State government.