Khurda: The Sadar Police raided several places in Khurda and seized as many as 14 trucks engaged in illegal quarrying of stone in last two days.

According to sources, complaints on illegal mining and transportation of stone minerals from different hills in Tapang, Kaipadar and Dadhimachhagadia areas of the district were reported before the police.

In the complaints, it was mentioned that mining mafia and local goons are rampantly carrying out quarrying activities in the areas coming under the purview of Shree Jagannath Temple Administration.

Acting on the complaints, special teams of police conducted simultaneous raids in and around the town and seized at least 14 trucks with minerals.

"We deployed police in plain clothes and seized 14 trucks laden with laterite stone and black granite stone during inspection in last two days. Such raids will be intensified in coming days to curb the illegal quarrying menace," said Bikram Keshari Jena, IIC, Khurda Sadar PS.