Would love to highlight Kolkata street food: Sokhi

Kolkata: Buoyed over the running success of his 'food food' show in a national lifestyle channel, celebrity Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi would now love to highlight the fabled street food of Kolkata.

"The variety of street food of Kolkata is just amazing, from phuchka, roll, ghughni to momo and chow mein, to sweets you can have everything on Kolkata pavement," the celebrity chef, whose Turban Tadka show is currently one of the top TRP holders in channels, told PTI.

"No other city in the country can boast of such delicious street food, also cooked by skilled hands known as vendors whose culinary skills are never recognised," Sokhi, now in the city to flag off 'The Funjabi Tadka (TFT)' said.

"There are a sizeable following of street food shows in the country and abroad and with the new found interest about Kolkata in the wake of the city forming the backdrop once again in movies, I know that could lure more visitors to the city I was born and spent my childhood years," he said.

"I also wish to try fusion in my sweet dishes blending Punjabi haloa and Bengali rasomalai, as well as chicken tandoor with the famed gandhoraj murgi live on my show and introduce at The Funjabi Tadka, my flagship initiative in this part of the country."

"I believe in turning the chores of cooking into sheer fun in a very personalised manner with the most nascent culinary trends, be it the crispy Chaat-Kulcha or whatever. And I am ready for a cookery show in Bengali channels. is anybody listening," Sokhi, famed for his 'namak shamak' show said.

"We believe in popularising traditional recipes, herbal ingredients in a simple manner and Kolkata can show the way," he said.

Besides the Kolkata facility, the chef will set up outlets in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Dubai.