Soumya Prakash Pradhan

In the vast realm of the internet, numerous videos are surfacing, captivating the hearts of viewers.

Among these, the beauty of the forest and its enchanting wildlife always stand out.

In this natural world, the elephant reigns as the true king of the jungle. Recently, an old video has gone viral on the internet, featuring an elephant engaged in a fierce battle with a newborn buffalo.

This astonishing encounter was captured and shared on social media platforms.

The video portrays the stark contrast between the small, defenceless buffalo and the mighty, fully charged elephant.

During the encounter, the tiny buffalo remained remarkably still, almost as if it had surrendered to the overwhelming might of the elephant.

Unfortunately, the video ends with the elephant brutally taking the life of the buffalo.Viewers who witnessed this footage were left shocked and disturbed by the brutal nature of the encounter.

Online reactions poured in, with one user commenting, 'Imagine surviving encounters with lions, hyenas, leopards, and wild dogs, only to meet such a fate at the hands of a fellow herbivore.'

Another user shed light on the behaviour, explaining, 'For those who may not be aware, young male elephants without the guidance of an elder male elephant can sometimes exhibit aggressive tendencies towards other animals without any apparent reason. It's a phenomenon that occurs.'

Lastly, one user simply remarked, 'It's truly astonishing how even animals can exhibit less than noble behaviour.'