Cassian Baliarsingh

Almost everyone who is in the field of job is under certain pressure. The job market and workplace demand competition among employees which leads to work pressure. Employees constantly are under pressure to perform well before someone else takes over their place.

Sometimes, employees get frustrated and decide to quit the job. Many choose to do better work and perform better. However, two employees of a private firm in Bengaluru decided to do the worst. Shockingly, the two allegedly decided to hire goons to kill their senior colleague.

However, police cracked the case and arrested the duo. Now, both of them have not only lost their job, but are under arrest.

According to sources, the two disgruntled employees Umashankar and Vinesh had hired goons to kill Suresh, an auditor at Heritage Milk Product Company. During police interrogation, the two said that Suresh used to put pressure on them for work and often scolded them in front of other officials of the company.

This left them furious and they hired goons to get Suresh killed. As per the plan, the goons accosted Suresh on Bengaluru Outer Ring Road and attacked him with iron rods. The heinous crime was caught on a dashboard camera shows Suresh being attacked by the goons.

Later, the goons flee after Suresh fell unconscious, presuming him to be dead. Based on the viral video, police arrested five people while Suresh has been undergoing treatment.