Cassian Baliarsingh

A video of an angry girl brutally hitting, punching, and dragging a woman for allegedly sleeping with her boyfriend has taken social media by storm. The disturbing video has been doing the rounds on the internet after an 'eyewitness' shared it on X.

The woman on the receiving end allegedly slept with the angry girl’s boyfriend. Furious, the girl attacked the woman and beat her up. The clip shared on X went viral in no time.

While many supported the girl for teaching the woman a lesson, others thought that she should have instead bashed up her boyfriend. Popular X handle CCTV IDIOTS shared the video and wrote, “Teenage girl beats up female who allegedly slept with her boyfriend.”

Since being shared online, the viral clip has garnered 870K views with thousands of comments.

“You are beating the wrong person sis, you should instead thrash your cheating boyfriend,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “Why so aggressive, do you want to go to jail so that the other woman can move in completely.”

“How are teenagers even allowed to be in relationships? Guys focus on your life, do study, learn something good, stop wasting time on love and relationships,” commented a third user.