Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Fathers are indeed the first superhero for their children. But, the emotional bond between a father and daughter is much stronger in comparison to sons. Fathers are the first hero and first love for every daughter. While every child looks upon their father as a powerhouse of strength and problem solver, daughters have more expectations from their fathers.

Even fathers will do anything to make their princesses happy. Every father wishes to fulfill their daughter’s wishes to see a smile on their face. 

Here we bring a video in which a father does something unusual and unexpected to make his princess smile. 

As seen in the video, a waiter at a restaurant is walking with a tray in his hands. 

As the scroll on the video reads, “My sister thought this waiter was cute so my dad did this.” 

Meanwhile, a man stops the waiter and says, “My daughter thinks you are so cute” and points out to her daughter. The waiter expresses his gratitude and looks at the girl, who was sitting beside her brother. 

Embarrassed and surprised over such an act of her father, the girl covers her face with her hands and slips down under the table. While she remains under the table, her father interacts with the waiter and her brother continues his chuckle.

The caption for the video reads, “Thank you so so much fam for 48 million views and 4.8 million likes. He's the father of the year😂💕 who just want her daughter happy at all cost nd wants to give her what she wants...Reallly the coolest dad I can ever imagine....😂its just so Smooth nd perfect...😂💕💕😍 I am really amazed 💕”

Well, this video shared by ‘thehazelnutbournville’ has by now garnered millions of views and likes on Instagram. Even the comment box is flooded with messages of appreciation.