• Saturday, September 23, 2023
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  • Online love goes wrong: Bengaluru woman duped of Rs 4.5 lakh on dating app

Online love goes wrong: Bengaluru woman duped of Rs 4.5 lakh on dating app

Learn here how to stay safe while dating online, including verifying identities, avoiding money transfers, and taking time to build genuine connections.

Soumya Prakash Pradhan
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Online love goes wrong: Bengaluru woman duped of Rs 4.5 lakh on dating appPhotoPhoto: Canva

Online love goes wrong: Bengaluru woman duped of Rs 4.5 lakh on dating app

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Online scams are increasing in India, and scammers are using different platforms to trick people.

Even though the government is taking several measures to curb fraud, online dating sites have become a popular medium for fraudsters to target gullible people.

According to a report by the Indian Express, a woman in Bengaluru recently had a horrifying experience while using the online dating app Tinder.

She fell prey to a scam and ended up losing a significant sum of Rs 4.5 lakh to an individual she had befriended on the app.

This incident shows how important it is to be careful and vigilant when using online dating platforms. 

Tinder Scam

As per the Indian Express report, a 37-year-old woman working at a private company in Bengaluru became a victim of a scam after meeting someone on Tinder.

The man, who went by the name Advik Chopra, pretended to be a doctor living in London, UK.

They grew close over a month and planned to meet in Bengaluru.

One day, the woman received a call from someone claiming to be from the Airports Authority of India.

They said that Chopra had been arrested with undeclared money and demanded Rs 68,500 for his release and travel expenses.

They also asked for Rs 1.8 lakh as fees and Rs 2.06 lakh as processing charges.

In her eagerness to meet Chopra, the woman transferred the money without a second thought.

When the scammer demanded an additional Rs 6 lakh, the woman became suspicious and confronted the caller.

The call ended abruptly, and she lost all contact with Chopra.

Later, it was discovered that Advik Chopra was a fake identity created by the scammer, and the airport incident was cooked up.

The person posing as an Airports Authority of India official was also part of the scam.

The woman explained to the police, according to the Indian Express report, that she believed Chopra had come from London to meet her.

Her concern for his well-being overshadowed any doubts she had about the person asking for money.

All she wanted was to make sure Chopra could leave the airport smoothly and meet her quickly.

How to Stay Safe Online

To stay safe in online dating, remember these key precautions:

  1. Before getting too involved with someone on a dating app, conduct thorough background checks to verify their identity using online resources and social media. Don't blindly trust without proper verification.
  2. Never send money to someone you met online, regardless of their story. Scammers often manipulate emotions to convince victims to make financial transactions. 
  3. Building a relationship takes time, so don't rush. Avoid making impulsive decisions or giving in to pressure.

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