Soumya Prakash Pradhan

The Indian government recently announced new rules for online gaming according to the IT rule 2021. The objective of these rules is to enforce and regulate the online gaming industry in order to ensure the safety and security of online gamers.

The rules have been formulated after extensive consultations with the industry as well as other stakeholders. The aim is to promote the growth of the sector while putting an end to the uncertainty around the policy environment.

Defining online gaming:

The government has made new rules about online games. They say that an online game is something that you can play on the internet using a computer or another device.

Instead of the government making sure all the games follow the rules, they have decided to use a self-regulation model.
This means that three groups called Self-Regulatory Organizations (SROs) will check and approve games that follow the new rules.

The SROs will be made up of people from the gaming industry, gamers, and other people who care about online games. The government will not be a part of the SROs.

Banning betting games:

The new rules have made it illegal for online games or websites to involve betting or wagering. This means that you cannot play games online and bet money or anything else of value.

The rules also ban any advertisements related to online betting. The government has taken this step to protect citizens from illegal betting and wagering online.

Many betting sites are very dangerous for the society because they loot lots of money using trick methods, and gamers should avoid them.

The ban on betting games is a positive step to ensure the safety and security of online gamers.

Allowing fantasy games:

The new rules allow fantasy games like Dream 11 and Crickpe, but they also put additional obligations on online gaming companies in relation to such games that involve real money.

Permissible online games are those games, real money or otherwise, that does not involve wagering and do not create any addictive consequences for children.

If one creates a fantasy game, ones must show a special mark of verification decided by the self-regulatory body on the game.

They must also tell the players about the rules for getting back their money or how to get refunds, how the winnings will be determined and shared, and any fees or charges they have to pay.

The game developers are not allowed to offer credit or financing from third parties to the players. They need to be upfront and clear about everything related to the game's financial aspects to the players.