Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Scamming has become increasingly common in today's times. Numerous cases have been reported regarding SMS and OTP scams, where fraudsters send text messages to unsuspecting individuals, requesting them to update their bank account, PAN, Aadhaar or other related documents.

These scammers are highly trained and use deceptive methods to fool people.

While many cyber cells are aware of these scams, there are still many people who are not.

Recently, Truecaller launched a new feature called "Fraud Protection" which utilises AI-powered tools to help people detect possible fraudulent numbers.

"Truecaller has been warning users about potential fraudulent phone calls for over a decade. Now, with the rise in SMS fraud - commonly referred to as 'smishing', we have launched a new feature called 'Fraud Protection' that recognises fraudulent messages and senders," says Truecaller writer Anaida Sen.

Combatting the tangled web of SMS scams and fraudulent messages on mobiles is easier with Truecaller's AI-powered Fraud Protection Tool.

By leveraging user feedback and machine learning, it provides a shield against fraudulent senders.

Truecaller's Fraud Protection Tool comes to the rescue of those who struggle to identify fraudulent SMS messages, mistaking them for legitimate business messages.

Currently accessible to Android users, Truecaller's Fraud Protection Tool is poised to offer iPhone users an effective defense against SMS scams and fraudulent senders.

This AI-driven tool utilises intelligent recognition to combat deceptive messages.

How Truecaller fraud protection works:

Truecaller's Fraud Protection tool is now available for free to all Android users in India. When a user receives a fraudulent message, Truecaller will show a red notification on the screen to warn them not to take any action.

This notification will remain on the screen until the user dismisses it.

It's essential to understand that Truecaller doesn't transfer any messages, and everything is handled on the user's device using smart filters powered by Artificial Intelligence.

This means that the processing of messages occurs on the user's phone and not on any other external device.

If a user accidentally opens a fraudulent SMS, Truecaller's AI tool will automatically disable all links associated with that SMS, ensuring users are protected from malicious links.

If the text message is secure, users can manually mark the sender as safe to access all the links in the SMS. This way, Truecaller is providing an extra layer of protection against fraud.