Cassian Baliarsingh

A spirited Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) with star players like Virat Kohli, Chris Gayle (earlier), AB de Villiers, Maxwell, and Dinesh Karthik is yet to end their curse of lifting an IPL trophy in the last 16 years. Even as the women’s RCB team won their first IPL trophy, the wait for an IPL trophy continues for the men’s team ever since their debut in 2008.

Going by the stats and performance of the players, fans suspect RCB will end up on the losing side in this IPL season too. Despite being one of the most popular franchises, they have ended up disappointing and hurting their fans.

Although, the RCB has qualified for the final 3 times, their ‘Ee sala cup Namde’ has only remained a distant long dream. While there are star players including India’s run machine Virat Kohli who can single-handedly win matches for the team, experts are yet to understand the reason for the team’s repeated losses.

However, veteran player Ambati Rayudu recently decoded the reason of RCB’s losses. Speaking to Sidhu, Rayudu said, “Agar aap dekho, pressure main kaun batsman batting kar rahe hain. Apke naamki khiladi, jo international players hai, jinko pressur lena chahiye, woh log kahan hain, sab dressing room mein hain. Aur yeh aaj nahin ho raha hai, 16 saalon se yehi story hai is team ki. Jab pressure hai koi bada naam ka batsman koi nahin dikhta hai. Sab cake ke upar se cream khake nikalte hain. Aisa team kabhi nahin jiteji. Isliye IPL nahin jeette yeh log.”

English Translation of Rayudu's take: See who all are performing for the RCB during pressure situation in a game; it's always the domestic players whereas the big international players who should take the responsibility during such situation are often seen in the dressing room. And, this is not a new trend in the RCB, it has been happening for the last 16 years... And that's why RCB can never win the IPL.