Cassian Baliarsingh

After the untimely demise of his father, India’s run machine has become very close to his mother. She is one of his strongest pillars and the most caring person ever, who always stands by him. When it comes to caring and worrying for her son’s well-being, King Kohli’s mother is just like every mother in the world.

In various interviews, Kohli has revealed how his mother is always worried for his well-being. However, not many know that King Kohli also has an elder sister named Bhawna Kohli Dhingra. The two siblings share a very close bond.

Ever since his father’s death, Virat grew close to both his sister and mother. Over the years, he has developed the personality of being excessively caring for them since he lost his father at the age of 18. Recently, he revealed how he was very naughty as a kid and did most notorious things.

“Ghar pe koi aya tha, unhone Rs 50 diye, kuch saman lane. Maine Shaadi main bahut dekha tha log note udake naachte huye. Mereko pata nahin kya keeda chada, kya excitement hogayi, toh maine us Rs 50 ko tukde tukde karidia aur bahut naacha. Maine saman hi nahin liya (A relative had come home and my mother gave Rs 50 to bring some things. However, I had seen people throw money in the air and dance and enjoy it a lot. I don’t know what happened to me, I went down the stairs, tore the Rs 50 note into pieces, threw it into the air, and danced happily. I didn’t buy anything),” Kohli revealed.

He also revealed how he was close to his sister and would call her ‘tu’. One fine day, she got angry at him for calling her ‘tu’ and brutally thrashed him.

“Meri behen ne mujhe bahut maara. Main na tu karke baat karta tha. Mereko adat thi. Ek din pata nahin kya hogaya. Gussa chadgaya, Bhaisahab aisa mara mujhe, muh se ‘ta’ nikalna hi band hogaya,” he revealed.