Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Former India opener turned expert Aakash Chopra has recently shared an endearing anecdote about young MS Dhoni on his official YouTube channel. Dhoni was a budding cricketer then and nobody had thought that he would become one of the greatest cricketers and captains across the globe in future.

Chopra and Dhoni were both part of India A’s squad touring Zimbabwe and Kenya. As roommates during the tour, Chopra was surprised by Dhoni’s appearance. The young wicketkeeper had long hair during that time. 

Chopra had suggested to young Dhoni, who was his junior, that he should cut his hair to be taken more seriously in cricket. However, in response, Dhoni resolutely declined, saying, “I am not going to cut my hair, probably people might grow their hair after seeing me.”

Nobody had any idea then that Dhoni’s hairstyle would eventually become a nationwide trend, especially after he captained the young Indian team to victory in the inaugural T20 World Cup in 2007.  

Dhoni retired from international cricket in August 2020. However, he left behind a legacy that includes being one of India’s greatest cricketers and one of the world’s best limited-overs captains. He remains the only captain to have led his side to victories in all three major ICC limited-overs events. The incident certainly reflected Dhoni’s determination to be himself.