Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Former Team India captain MS Dhoni has millions of fans across the globe. The ‘Captain Cool’ is one of the most searched cricketers and he is the one whom fans are always excited to see. 

Dhoni only plays in the Indian Premier League (IPL) these days after his retirement. He leads a quiet life in Ranchi and avoids the spotlight. The fans have to wait for months to have a glimpse of their favourite player as he has secluded himself from social media. 

The fans never missed the chance to visit Dhoni’s home in the hopes of meeting him. Recently, one fan nearly had his fantasy come true. A YouTuber went to Ranchi recently and spent a lot of time waiting to see MSD. Though the fan was unable to interact with the legendary cricketer, he managed to observe him.

When the fan was waiting for his arrival, Dhoni entered his house while riding a bike. The fan could not meet Dhoni, but he managed to photograph him struggling to start his bike. Dhoni struggled for a while before ultimately starting his bike.

The video has gone viral over the social media platform. More than 15 million people have watched the viral video of Dhoni having trouble starting his two-wheeler.

Notably, the ‘Captain Cool’ is an enthusiastic bike lover who has a large collection of two-wheelers. There have been numerous footage of him cycling to the stadium in Ranchi on social media.