Bibhu Prasad Ray

Who said after retirement, life of a cricketer becomes boring? Former Zimbabwe bowler Henry Olonga has proved it wrong by grabbing eyebrows of audience with his breathtaking performances. 

From having fierce rivalry with Sachin Tendulkar in 1998 to singing in front of a large crowd, Henry Olonga has unveiled a new facet of his versatile talent. 

Before relocating to Zimbabwe in 1981, Henry Olonga spent his early years in Zambia and Kenya. His musical journey began at the age of 14. Henry was quite popular in his school and college days where his essence of music was always appreciated by his colleagues.

While excelling in athletics, his passion for music emerged with drama, music, public speaking and art becoming an integral part of his life. 

In this video, the judges were in awe and pretty impressed after listening of Olonga’s melodious voice in front of them. 

He also has ventured into many music albums with the release of his single “Our Zimbabwe.” 

Henry Olonga’s artistic journey is a hallmark of his love for music which is unmatched. He has continued to showcase his creativity in the field of music which is a testimony to his never ending love for music. 

Henry Olonga has played 30 tests and 50 ODIs for Zimbabwe and was a vital cog in the Zimbabwe side during the late 2000s.