Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Cricket has evolved a great deal over the years. Creative innovation, renovation, improvisation and acceleration have been made in all the three departments.

The performance of the players has also been developing at a rapid pace. While batting has become more unorthodox and impactful nowadays, bowlers have also added many arsenals in their armory to counter the attacking batsmen.

Fielding is another crucial part of the game and it has also been elevated up to the next level. What could have been a sensational or eye-catching effort decades ago is a regular feature now-a-days.

The new generations of cricketers have set a new bar in the advanced style of fielding. Especially, the boundary line fielding has caught immense limelight for the athleticism and presence of mind the players show while trying to take catch or save a boundary with acrobatic effort.

Recently, a video went viral in which it is found that a fielder fielding the ball near the boundary line just takes the concept of fielding to the next level. In the clip, a fielder in a local tennis ball cricket tournament uses not only his hands, but also his kick to complete a catch.

In the process, he forced the viewers to think whether it is a game of cricket or football.

The video clip has been tweeted by many former international cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, Michael Vaughan and Jimmy Neesham.

Tweeting the viral video, Tendulkar captioned it, “This is what happens when you bring a guy who also knows how to play football.”

Former England skipper Vaughan’s caption read, “Surely the greatest catch of all time.”

Hailing the catch, New Zealand cricketer Neesham wrote, “Absolutely outstanding.”