Cassian Baliarsingh

The fan-following of India’s star batsman Virat Kohli knows no bounds. He has fans across the globe including from India’s arch-rival Pakistan. Even Pakistan loves Virat Kohli and there is no denying that he is the best.

Fans go crazy to just get a glance of him and this incident from Indore during the India vs Afghanistan T20I second match is proof. A young fan recently breached security, jumped the fence and ran into the field to meet his idol.

The young fan first touched Virat’s feet and took his blessings before giving him a tight hug. Not to disappoint his fan, Kohli also gave him a hug before security personnel nabbed him. The incident occurred while India was fielding against Afghanistan.

Kohli was fielding near the boundary when the crazy fan did the unimaginable. Cops managed to nab the young fan and took him to the local police station. However, Virat Kohli showed concern and can be heard saying ‘Aram se Aram se’ to the cops as they take away the youth.

During the probe, it was learnt that the youth had a genuine ticket for the match and was there only to see Virat Kohli. He could not help but jump the fence to meet his idol. He was a big Kohli fan and had been waiting for the chance to meet him since a long time.

Several videos of the incident have surfaced online and Kohli fans are envious of the young man finally being able to meet their idol.

“Virat extended his hand for a shake and then hugged him too. 🐐sweet gesture. The fan will certainly be in trouble for breaching the line and for doing this stunt,” a fan commented.

Another fan wrote, “This is the Dream for all viratian ❤️”

A third user wrote, “King Kohli showing great respect for a fan – a gesture that resonates with admiration. 👑🤝”