Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

After suffering a humiliating loss against India in the T20 World Cup 2024, Pakistan's Super 8 qualification chances are in jeopardy.

In response, the Green Army's head coach Gary Kirsten admitted that the players put more pressure on themselves than they should have. He was also of the opinion that Pakistan are going to pay for the mistakes.

"Pretty much spot-on about players putting excessive pressure on themselves. These guys are all international players and they are aware that when they are not performing at their best there is going to be pressure put on them. That is understandable, but a lot of these guys have played a lot of T20 cricket around the world over many, many years and it is really up to them to decide how they are going to take their games forward.

"It generally kept a little bit lower. I think we were able to score for both batting sides and also a fairly slow outfield, so it was never going to be a big total. I would have said 140 would have been a really good score on that pitch. So, India did not get that so I thought we had the game. We knew it was going to be tight but sometimes it is fun seeing games like that as well. It is not always about sixes and hitting, getting 230s and 240s. You can actually have a really entertaining game on a 120 chase. So, I do not think it is bad for the game," he further said.

"May be not so great decision making. You have got the game on, run a ball, eight wickets in hand, decision-making at that point. That's the game. That's international cricket for you. You make mistakes like that, you are going to pay. I thought we made some poor decisions at important phases of the game. I thought Rizwan played well for us. We knew it was going to be a tough wicket to bat on. We managed the chase very well but then just let it slip in the end," he added.

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