Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Abu Dhabi T10 League is all set to be expanded across five different locations across the world. The organisers of the six-year-old league have made an extensive plan on it.

As per reports, IPL veteran Rajeev Khanna is overseeing the league’s expansion plans across the globe.

The first edition of the T10 League in Sri Lanka has already been announced and will be held in partnership with Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) in June. Moreover, the organisers are confident of staging one in Zimbabwe in March and two more in Europe and North America in near future.

“The biggest thumbs up we have got is the first ever sanction from ICC full member SLC. They have approved the league and will be part of the league. We are also in talks with Zimbabwe and closing on that deal,” Khanna said in an interview

“When full members of ICC are endorsing this league, it shows it has meat in it. In times to come, I am sure other boards, including the BCCI, will consider it too. We are planning one in Europe as well, either Scotland or the Netherlands and the fifth one in North America,” he added.

The competition has been approved by the International Cricket Council (ICC), though the world body has not recognised T10 as a format yet. The ICC, however, has sent its anti-corruption unit to Abu Dhabi for the event.