Cassian Baliarsingh

A picture of Australian batsman Mitchell Marsh sitting on a sofa with both his feet rested on the top of the World Cup trophy has left the internet stunned. Shockingly, the photo was shared on Instagram by Australia captain himself Pat Cummins.

Even as Australia became Champions for the 6th time, the behaviour of Marsh hasn’t gone down well with Indian cricket lovers who called the gesture ‘disrespectful’ and trolled him for it.

The picture that is now going crazy viral was shared by Cummins just after the Aussies lifted the World Cup trophy for the sixth time. It appears to be from the hotel room where the Aussies are stationed in Ahmedabad.

Marsh is seen sitting on a couch with a beer bottle in his hands as he rests both his feet over the World Cup. As soon as the picture reached social media, netizens slammed the Champion team for their arrogance.

“This picture just depicts arrogance,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “Winning world doesn’t mean they respect that win. Trophy under the feet of Australian cricket player is disgraceful and disrespectful. Indian team deserved that win. Har Har Mahadev.”

However, a section of users came out in support of the Australian team and stated that the trophy belonged to them and it was their choice.

“Why to have issue even if he has his feet on the WC, their team won. It’s their choice how do they want to use! They played better than us!” commented another user.

A fourth user wrote, “They have played like champions. They have this habit of winning trophies. We have only tears in our fate. We believe in giving God like status to individual players.”