Cassian Baliarsingh

When we think of cricket, we want the players to be proficient in running, top-notch hand-eye coordination, and hyper-quick reflexes. However, have you ever in your wildest dream thought that cricket players would have to know how to swim for the game?

Well, a viral video shows how to play ‘Swimket’ (cricket + swimming). A player would have to be a terrific swimmer to play this game. The undated video has now taken social media by storm. It shows a group of boys playing cricket near a shallow water body.

The batter is standing on one side of a lake while the bowler is bowling from the other side. Unlike hitting boundaries, the batters in ‘Swimket’ have to hit the ball to the stream and then swim from one end to another to score runs. Instead of running on plain ground, they have to jump into the water to cross over to the other wicket.

Since being shared online, the video has garnered immense love from netizens with many calling for it to be made a real game. An X user shared the video and wrote, “We should add this cricket +swimming sport in Olympics calling it ‘Swimket’. This is simply brilliant.”

The video has left social media users amused who took to the comment section to give their opinion on the new game.

“New cricket format we need, we all got bored of T20 and you know that,” commented a cricket lover.

Another user wrote, “For this cricket format, you must be an Olympian champion in swimming.”

“Sirf Dhoni bhai yeh game khel sakta hai,” shared another fan.