Cassian Baliarsingh

WrestleMania 40 witnessed one of the most shocking moments on Sunday after Roman Reigns lost the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. To the shock of all his fans, the Tribal Chief suffered one of the biggest losses at The Show of Shows to Cody Rhodes.

Now, speculations are rife that Roman might resign from WWE. However, in what comes as good news for fans, Reigns is only taking a brief hiatus and not quitting WWE. WWE CCO Triple H has squashed the rumours and announced that Roman losing his title is just the end of this chapter and the beginning of a new chapter.

Moreover, Triple H also announced that Roman will usher in a whole new story and praised him for carrying the company on his shoulders.

“It is only the end of this chapter, because he is gonna go on a whole new story now and that is gonna blow people’s mind. And I know that he’s gonna take it to a whole new level. I cannot tell you how much respect I have for Roman Reigns,” Triple H stated.

Although not resigning, Roman will go on a brief hiatus and is expected to return later this year. The brief hiatus will help WWE rejuvenate his character. The Tribal Chief is expected to return ahead of SummerSlam 2024, to begin a new feud with The Biggest Party of The Summer.

Meanwhile, fans are trending #ThankYouRomanReigns for his tremendous contribution to WWE.

“Roman Reigns has done a lot over the course of his entire career. From debuting, to winning titles as the Big Dog, to battling leukemia, to transitioning into what we know as the Tribal Chief; he deserves any and all flowers. #ThankYouRoman,” shared a fan.

Another fan wrote, “1316 days as champ👑 No one in this era can beat that. Nothing lasts forever except you being my champ doesn't matter holding a title or nah it's not that important anyway. #thankyouroman for the historic title reign 👑 we're so proud of you. I'll always be a proud #TeamRoman girl☝🏻.”

“This was one hell of a generational run by Roman. Best to ever do it in the modern era where long title runs are extremely rare. Enjoy your next chapter my Tribal Chief. #ThankYouRoman #WrestleMania,” shared another fan.