Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

After having dismal shows in the first two T20 matches of the three match T20 series against Afghanistan, Team India captain Rohit Sharma finally hit back his form in the final match with a blazing century.

Following the completion of the match, Rohit was questioned about the potential combinations for the upcoming T20 World Cup and the mindset he and head coach Rahul Dravid possess regarding this matter. In response, Rohit provided a candid reply, acknowledging the impossibility of satisfying everyone.

“We have not finalised the 15-member squad but there are 8-10 players in our minds. So we will make our combinations according to the conditions. In the West Indies, the conditions are slow, so we will have to pick our team accordingly. As far as Rahul Dravid and I are concerned, we have tried to maintain clarity. We try to tell them why they have been selected or not been selected even after putting in performances,” said Rohit.

“You can’t keep everyone happy, that is what I have learned in my time as captain. You can keep 15 players happy. Then also, only 11 are happy. The four players sitting on the bench also ask why they are not playing. I have learned that you can’t keep everyone happy, and the focus should be on the team’s goal,” he added.