Cassian Baliarsingh

Mumbai Indians (MI) opened the 17th edition of the IPL 2024 with a defeat to Gujarat Titans (GT) by 6 runs. The Hardik Pandya-led franchise had a bad start to the IPL after taking over the reins from Hitman and India captain Rohit Sharma.

As the match culminated in a defeat for MI, fans of Rohit Sharma weren’t too happy with Pandya’s attitude towards the former. 

In a viral video, Pandya can be seen giving instructions to Rohit Sharma to field near the boundary.

This gesture of Pandya hasn’t gone well with Rohit Sharma fans who lambasted him on social media. Furious Rohit Sharma fans even trended #Chapri on social media, targeting Pandya.

“How can anyone be so disrespectful towards his seniors? He lacks basic grace and morals, he acted like an absolute #chapri , How can he treat senior players like #RohitSharma in such a  disgusting way? #GTvMI,” a fan shared.

Another fan commented, “#chapri So called Harpik landya showing zero respect to 5 times champion team’s captain hitman. I’m not a Rohit sharma’s fan but I really feel sorry for him. I’m emotional seeing him like this. #HardikPandya why?😡”

“Leave Fan war aside. Rohit Sharma is a legend yaar!! Heartbreaking 💔 #chapri,” shared another user.

Throughout the match, Rohit remained in the spotlight with fans chanting ‘Rohit, Rohit’ despite not being the captain of MI anymore.