Cassian Baliarsingh

Former Indian head coach and popular commentator Ravi Shastri is known for his flamboyance. He is commonly known for his drinking habits. Social media is filled with hilarious memes and jokes about his drinking habits.

However, he was a key piece in India and the discipline and authority that he has instilled in the Indian squad is one of the fundamental reasons for the Men in Blue’s success. He is one of the best commentators in the cricket world.

His ‘Dhoni finishes off in style, a magnificent strike into the crowd, India lifts the World Cup after 28 years!’ commentary is still remembered even today.

However, his infamous love for alcohol has resulted in a slew of Ravi Shastri memes. Recently, Ravi Shastri recounted a hilarious anecdote from his teenager days that he recounted on a chat programme.

Shastri revealed how he was caught drinking beer by his hostel warden during his U-19 days.

“I believe in play hard, party harder. One evening I was having a beer, so the warden who was in-charge saw it. He took the bottle and said that he would report me. But, the bottle was still full. He was taking the bottle, but I called him back. You can take it but let me finish it. So, he went and reported me. So, I was summoned. I said see I drink beer with the man I respect the most, that is my father. If you see any effects of this in the field then drop me,” Shastri recalled. 

What matters, according to Shastri, is what one does on the field, not how many beers one drinks.