Cassian Baliarsingh

Bollywood dimple girl Preity Zinta-owned Punjab Kings committed a huge gaffe in the recently concluded IPL 2024 auction. The popular franchise bought the wrong player by mistake and had to bear it, it is learnt.

The franchise later realised the gaffe and tried to raise the issue with the auctioneer. However, they had to be left disappointed after the auctioneer denied the reversal. The player is none other than India’s uncapped Shashank Singh.

The Preity Zinta team mistook Chhattisgarh player Shashank Singh for someone else they wanted to buy. But, by the time they understood their mistake; the bid was already over and hence could not be reversed.

Now, a video of the incident is going viral on social media. After Shashank’s name was called, Preity Zinta raised the paddle. With no interference from other teams, he was sold quickly as no other franchise bid for him.

An X user shared the video and wrote, “Fantastic scenes here as the notoriously inept Punjab Kings manage to not only purchase a player they didn’t want, (Shashank Singh), they also admit to this in front of literally everyone. Singh we can guess is sat at home wondering whether to show up in March. #IPLAuction #pbks.”

“He is not a very bad player anyway. It could be a happy accident,” a user commented.

Another user wrote, “Preity Zinta alone has more fan base than her entire team.”