Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Indian Premier League (IPL) is concerned among the greatest T20 extravaganza across the globe. The mega T20 league draws attention and admiration from fans worldwide. However, the emergence of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) has added a new layer of excitement to the cricketing world.

Legendary Pakistani speedster Wasim Akram recently shared insights on the perennial debate of IPL vs PSL. The former pacer’s perspective adds depth to the ongoing discussion surrounding these two premier T20 leagues, showcasing the global evolving and competitive nature of cricket.

Opening up on the debate, Akram unequivocally favoured IPL over PSL. Having experience of covering both leagues, Akram emphasized the enormity of the IPL. 

The former great stated that a direct comparison between the two leagues is unwarranted. While acknowledging the significant stature of PSL within its home country, he termed it to a mini IPL for Pakistan, underscoring the distinct scales of the two T20 leagues.

“I have worked in both IPL and PSL. You can’t compare the two. IPL is huge. PSL is huge in Pakistan, no doubt; it’s like mini-IPL of Pakistan,” said Akram.