Cassian Baliarsingh

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, lovingly called the Captain Cool and former skipper of India, needs no introduction. Despite his retirement from international cricket, the cricket legend enjoys a huge fanbase that no other cricketer currently enjoys.

He is the modern cricket’s Sachin Tendulkar who can stop the world when he is batting. A wise person once said, ‘Commit all the crimes when Sachin Tendulkar is batting, they will go unnoticed for even the lord is busy watching him bat’. 

MS Dhoni is the only other cricketer like Sachin Tendulkar who has such aura and loyal fanbase. The mere vision of MS Dhoni coming out to bat gets the crowd roaring in excitement and the decibel in the stadium hit the roof.

Meanwhile, a throwback video of MS Dhoni’s wife Sakshi is going viral. In the viral video, Sakshi throws light about MS Dhoni not being able to be with her during her pregnancy and the birth of their daughter Ziva due to cricket commitments. 

“When Ziva was born, everyone in the hospital was like ‘ooh your husband is not coming!’ I said it doesn’t matter’. Cricket is his priority and he is my priority. So, whatever is his priority is my priority. People tell me I had to sacrifice so much being his wife. I say ‘NO’, nothing it’s all love’,” Sakshi tells in the video.

It is well known that Sakshi and Dhoni had a secret love affair. However, Sakshi has always been his pillar of strength and stood by him through thick and thin. 

As Ziva grew up, MS Dhoni later took retirement from Test cricket first before leaving international cricket.
 He recently stepped down as the captain of Chennai Super Kings (CSK). However, the fan following the cricket legend enjoys is unparalleled.