Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

In a surprising revelation, Drew Dober, one of the biggest MMA stars in the world from USA, has revealed his love for Indian food.

Dober stated during an interview that he experimented a lot with Indian food as a teenager and also had a special message for the fans. 

“I have wanted to visit India for so long. I love Indian food and culture. It is so pleasant for me. When I was a teenager, there was an Indian restaurant right next to my job. So I would go there and order chicken tikka masala and I would try other things like korma,” said Dober. 

“I fell in love with the food. In school, I was very interested in culinary, and cooking. I just did a lot of research on Indian spices and the way they cook their food. I would love to come to India and experience it,” he added.

Most MMA fighters have a strict diet regime, which mainly revolves around meat and vegetables. However, Dober revealed that he doesn’t try to be very strict with his diet and has to cheat meals on Saturday, due to his love for doughnuts. 

“Before a fight, it is very strict. Otherwise, all year around, when I am training, I try to eat good food. On Saturdays, I give myself cheat food. I like doughnuts. You can’t be so strict all the time. You need to have fun,” he said.

Ranked 14th in the UFC lightweight rankings, 34-year-old Dober recently grabbed a knockout win over Bobby Green at UFC Vegas 66.