Cassian Baliarsingh

Wicketkeeper-batsman Rishabh Pant, who suffered a horrific car accident near Roorkee in Uttarakhand, is stable today, all thanks to Sushil Kumar, a Haryana Roadways driver who was present at the site and rescued the wicketkeeper-batsman right on time.

Sushil Kumar took away Pant from the burning car, wrapped him with a bedsheet and then called an ambulance. There were reports that Pant had himself called the ambulance and police.

However, India’s vice- coach VVS Laxman has confirmed that it was Sushil Kumar and his fellow colleague Paramjeet who had rescued Pant from the burning car and called the ambulance.

Taking to Twitter, VVS Laxman wrote, “Gratitude to Sushil Kumar, a Haryana Roadways driver who took Rishabh Pant away from the burning car, wrapped him with a bedsheet and called the ambulance. We are very indebted to you for your selfless service, Sushil ji #RealHero.”

He further tweeted, “Also special mention to the bus conductor, Paramjit who along with the driver Sushil helped Rishabh. Very greateful to these selfless guys who had great presence of mind and a big heart. Gratitude to them and all who helped.”

Social media users also thanked the two heroes for their selfless service.

“In India, during an accident/crisis the first responders are invariably the poor bus/taxi/rickshaw drivers… I have never seen anyone being brought into an emergency by a Mercedes/Audi.. probably it’s the people who have nothing understand the value of human life the most,” wrote a user. 

Another user wrote, “Hats off to Sushil Kumar and Paramjit who saved Rishabh’s life. World needs more people like them for humanity to stay alive!”

Many fans also demanded free pass for the two and wrote, “As a token of gratitude, the BCCI should grant them free pass for all the cricket matches to any venue in India for life.”

Another user wrote, “2 things that should be done apart from rewarding them: Ensure free education for their children till 12th and Salary hike. This will be an ideal way to thank them for the timely action.”

Meanwhile, Pant had a miraculous escape and the results of his brain and spinal cord MRI has returned as ‘normal’. He has undergone plastic surgery. However, there is huge swelling and pain on his ankle and knee, reports said.

His condition is stable now, the BCCI has declared.

Pant, who was on his way home to surprise his mother for New Year, dozed off while driving, which resulted in the severe car crash. He had to break the windscreen to escape after the vehicle caught fire while a few people reportedly took away his money bag and fled.

His Mercedes car was completely charred in the mishap.