Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Ahead of the upcoming second Test match in Visakhapatnam, English wicketkeeper-batsman Ben Foakes recounted the nightmarish pitch encountered during the first Test match against hosts India in Hyderabad.

In a recent interview, Foakes characterized the Hyderabad pitch as nothing short of horrific, emphasizing the immense difficulties faced by both batsmen and bowlers alike. However, rather than dwelling on the past, Foakes eagerly shifted his focus towards the forthcoming Test match in Visakhapatnam.

“Going into that, I was thinking, ‘These are horrific wickets - I just need to find a way to stay in’ I think now the group is more, if that is the situation, you have got to be positive; got to put it pressure back on the bowler and put them under pressure,” said Foakes.

The England star revealed that English batters are still concerned by the fear of getting out, causing them to remain defensive and hesitant in their approach.

“Before, there was more of a fear of getting out and that put us in our shells. Whereas now it’s not worrying that you are getting out and accepting that you probably are on those sort of surfaces. But how can you actually go and dominate at times as well?” he added.