Bibhu Prasad Ray

Some people are destined to be regarded as the greatest in the world and Mithali Raj is one of them. The former Indian captain turned 41 today. Regarded as the greatest batswomen in the history of Women’s cricket, Mithali Raj who initially aspired to be a classical dancer has accomplished many records in her long career spanning over 23 years. 

Here are some lesser-known facts about the legendary women’s cricketer India has ever produced:

Wannabe Dancer 

In an interview in 2021, she admitted that her first love was dancing not cricket. Once upon a time, she wanted to have a career in classical dancing but destiny had something else in store for her. 

An Accidental Cricketer

In 2017, Mithali Raj said her introduction to cricket came about by accident. Doraj Raj, her father and a retired Air Force officer, wanted to make sure she didn't grow sluggish. She therefore had to go with her father to the Secunderabad sports coaching camp. It was in this place that her love for cricket slowly began to blossom. She attracted the eyes of cricket coach Jyothi Prasad one day while playing, and he persuaded her father to allow him to mentor her. 

Wanted to become an IAS officer

Even before leading team India in cricket, her previous dream was also bigger than what it is. She wanted to become an IAS officer if not a dancer or a cricketer. "I wanted to be an IAS officer, if not a sportsperson or an dancer. I had it in me to become an IAS officer," she said in an interview with Star Sports. 

Love Spending her Time by Reading Books

If not in the element in the cricket pitch, the former Indian captain would always spend her time reading books and novels. Books are something which gave her instant relaxation before getting into bat. “I am always with kindle of books before going to bat because it calms me down as I don’t get any jitters ahead of just getting into bat,” she said in an interview with TOI.

Some Trivia about Mithali Raj:

She is the only female cricketer with most 50s in WODI cricket- 64.

She is only batswomen to cross over 7000 runs in WODIs.  She played the most ODI matches (232) in the history of women’s cricket.

She leads the way in terms of highest average in successful run-chases (109.5) which includes men’s cricket also.