Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Promising batsman Shubman Gill has started his international career well. He has cemented his place in the Indian team across all the three formats of the game. He has a century in each format. He averages 65.55 in ODIs, 40.40 in T20Is, but in 18 Tests, across varying conditions, he is averaging just 32.20 which is a concern.

Even in West Indies, Gill’s performance was dismal in Tests. In batting friendly conditions he failed to get beyond 29 in three innings.

Former India opener WV Raman has identified two aspects that could be dragging the 23-year-old back in the longer format. As per Raman, it is a rather hurried sideways trigger — that of late he has reworked on to suit him better and a bottom-hand domination that poses problems, especially against the incoming deliveries.

“In the past, even while playing at home Kagiso Rabada, James Anderson, and Kyle Jamison have got him with nipbackers across formats. Quite often, there has been a pattern in these dismissals where Gill has got stuck with his trigger movement and late in leaning forward,” said Ramnn.

“The weight transfer to the front foot has been slow, and has had him hitting aerial drives to short covers or nicking them behind or combined with other issues, got him into trouble with nipbackers,” he added.