Cassian Baliarsingh

Ivana Knoll, the FIFA World Cup’s ‘hottest fan’ and the ‘sexiest cheerleader’ for Croatia was left heartbroken after her country’s loss to the Messi-led Argentina in the semi finals.

The famous model had promised to go naked if her team enters the finals. 

"If that happens, the flag falls…" Knoll was quoted as saying by the German press.

However, the Messi-led team crashed team Croatia, thereby ending her wish to go naked for her fans.

Heartbroken Knoll took to her Instagram handle and shared a lengthy note. She also shared two sizzling pictures of herself along with the post as she talked about her country’s loss to Argentina in the semi finals. 

Taking to her Instagram, she wrote, “Sometimes we play amazing, sometimes not so well, sometimes in the semi-finals we have bad referee like yesterday to give penalty for nothing and losing the chance to get the (trophy) sometimes we are underrated and then we show the way home to the most favored team, that is football… But most important thing, we are A SMALL COUNTRY WITH A BIG HEART and I am proud to be a Croatian forever and ever!" she wrote in the caption.

Meanwhile, many fans seemed upset over Messi for preventing the controversial model from keeping her promise. They hilariously trolled Messi and said that they would never forgive him.

Knoll, who rose to fame with her revealing outfits in the previous world cups, has been making headlines this year too after her unusual promise of going naked. Her fashion choices are all inspired by the iconic red and white checks of her country Croatia. 

Knoll has become a viral sensation after she arrived in Qatar in her sizzling dresses. Her Instagram following has grown multi folds as she crossed 2.8 million followers, in just a few days.

As fate would have it, Croatia were eliminated by Argentina as Luka Modric's side lost 3-0. Messi scored a penalty, while Julian Alvarez scored two goals as Argentina reached the final. Now Messi and his side will square off against France in the FIFA World Cup Finals. 

Meanwhile, the Croatian model has blamed the referee for her nation's loss.