Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

An excited fan grabbed the headlines for all the wrong reasons when he breached the security barriers to hug Virat Kohli during the second T20I game against Afghanistan in Indore on Sunday.

Subsequently, the fan was detained by the police for breaching security arrangements. The video of the incident had gone viral over various social media platforms within no time.

Following the detention of the fan, who entered the ground by climbing the fence of the spectators’ gallery, police took him to Tukoganj police station. After detaining the young man who accessed the field at Holkar Stadium during a recent cricket match, police officials confirmed he was questioned. An officer explained that the man, apparently a fervent Virat Kohli fan, entered the stadium with a valid ticket and then climbed the fence of the spectators’ gallery in an attempt to meet the player.

However, the ardent fan of Virat Kohli was released by the police on the eve of the third and final game on Tuesday.

On his return from the police station, the fan reportedly received a hero’s welcome from his friends and family members. He was welcomed back by a stunning reception with people around him congratulating him with garlands.

The video clip of the incident has reportedly gone viral over various social media platforms.