Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

England have not limited their new brand of ‘Bazball’ style to cricket only. They have fueled the ongoing FIH Odisha Men’s Hockey World Cup in Odisha with their new aggressive style.

The rivalry between England and Wales is traditionally known as ‘dust up’. The encounter at Birsa Munda stadium in Rourkela last night showcased the newfound aggressive game of coach Paul Revington’s team which they are calling a version of English cricket’s ‘Bazball’ style introduced by coach Brendon McCullum.

Though, Wales are minnows, the ‘Bazball’ style in hockey by the English team worked wonders as well. England trounced the greenhorns with 5-0 margin.

“Our coach is encouraging us to adopt ‘Bazball’ style in hockey as well and it has really gone down well,” said an England player.

“It’s not just a style of play rather it’s a philosophy. It’s all about removing the fear from the mind and play the best aggressive version of the game. We are on a mission to excite and entertain people. We want them to think that England is a great team and they are great to watch,” he added.

Notably, Bazball is a new exciting brand of Test cricket which has been utilised under the leadership of England head coach Brendon McCullum and captain Ben Stokes. The term is derived from England boss McCullum who was nicknamed Baz during his playing days with New Zealand.

Bazball is a style of play that is synonymous with Brendon McCullum and his England team. Since taking over as head coach, McCullum’s philosophy has been to go out and attack the opposition and entertain the crowd. Bazball prioritises high scoring games rather than playing defensive cricket and trying to preserve wickets. The tactic encourages a team to take risks in pursuit of victory rather than playing it safe.

Bazball has earned widespread recognition and praise from the cricketing community and the philosophy has been described as very entertaining and pleasing on the eye. The style of play has also proved very successful in terms of results.