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India front line spinner Yuzvendra Chahal and his dancer-choreographer wife Dhanashree Verma have been in the news ever since the latter renamed ‘Chahal’ from  her surname.

After marriage, the YouTuber had added ‘Chahal’ to her surname on her Instagram handle. However, she removed her husband’s surname a few days ago over reasons best known to her. Soon, speculations were rife that things were not good between the two.



However, the love birds released separate statements and slammed hate mongers for spreading rumours.

As the couple is estranged in controversy, let’s take a look into the cute love story of Chahal and Dhanashree.

During an interview, the couple shared that Chahal first met Dhanashree during a dance class. Apart from being a dentist, Dhanashree is a dancer-choreographer and YouTuber.

She is a dancer teacher and Chahal was her student. During the lockdown, Yuzi decided to learn dancing and got in touch with Dhanashree. Slowly, the two became friends that later blossomed into love.



They got to understand each other better during the lockdown. Dhanashree was so impressed with Chahal’s humility. During an interview she revealed, “Yuzi is humble, down-to-earth, friendly and a total family guy. His humility bowled me over. I actually wanted someone like him as my partner.”

After  a few months of dating, Chahal revealed his love for Dhanashree to his parents who immediately agreed for his marriage. The couple secretly tied the knot and took  his fans by surprise after he posted pictures on his Instagram.



Fed up with the hateful comments, Dhanashree finally broke her silence and said that the emergence of speculations over her relationship with Chahal were hateful and draining.

“People picked up some random news about us! It was pretty hateful, hence hurtful, for me to hear all of that. It was draining to say the least. I know that people will talk and that’s okay, as long as you are living, breathing embodiment of your truth."

“Let’s spread joy and happiness and ignore everything else,” she concluded.