The opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games Village, which also served as the team welcome ceremony for the sports delegation of hosts China, was held here on Saturday.

Village mayor Li Huolin addressed the audience with a welcome speech, saying the volunteers and other employees will do their best to provide high-level services and make it home to all, safe, warm and comfortable.

The village, consisting of the athletes' village, technical officials' village and media village, is the largest non-competition venue of the Hangzhou Asian Games, reports Xinhua.

During the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, the village will provide accommodation, catering, transportation, medical services, etc., for more than 20,000 athletes, team officials, technical officials and journalists.

Five sub-villages in Ningbo, Wenzhou, Jinhua, Tonglu and Chun'an, as well as three athletes reception hotels in Shaoxing, Lin'an and Xiaoshan, also opened on the same day.