Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Following an embarrassing 1-4 Test series defeat against hosts India, England are facing severe criticism from fans and experts across the globe for their ‘Bazball’ strategy.

Former Indian explosive opener, Virender Sehwag, who is known for his witty and hilarious social media posts has questioned England’s Bazball approach.

As per Sehwag, England looked clueless since their defeat in Vizag, in the second match of the series, and also felt that Stokes’ poor run of form in the series added to their woes.

“Bazball, Batti Gull. There needs to be a method to madness. England simply didn’t have the game to match and looked clueless particularly after the second test match. The captain failing miserably only added to their woes and they simply looked like living in an illusion. For this method to succeed there needs to be a method to madness, which England severely lacked,” Sehwag wrote on his social media account X (earlier known as Twitter).

Sehwag’s post has reportedly gone viral. It has garnered 400.9K views and 14 k likes so far. Several fans have also flooded the comment box with amazing comments.

In response to the post, a fan wrote, “There was nothing called BazBall..they copied ViruBall and it’s befitting that their mythical BazBall ended in India.”

“The lack of a clear strategy was evident in England’s performance. The captain’s form was a significant concern. It’s crucial to have a well-defined method to any approach, especially in a game as unpredictable as cricket,” tweeted another fan.

In his response to the post a third user commented, “Absolute RIP bazzball.”