Son kills mother by injecting snake poison

Berhampur: Biswajit Patnaik was living separately from his mother in village Brahmanagar of Berhampur district. He had taken handloans of about Rs. 4 lakhs on his head. The loan givers were after him to get back the amount. One day Biswajit approached his mother and demanded his share of the parental property. But his mother Jayanti Patnaik refused.
An infuriated Biswajit became vindictive and tried to take revenge upon his widowed mother. He approached Trinath Behera, a charmer from Kukudakhandi who supplied him cobra fangs.

According to his plan, Biswajit forcibly gave injection filled with cobra fangs to Jayanti. Jaynati took ill  and was admitted to hospital. Jayanti succumbed to the poison in the hospital. Biswajit`s younger brother Satyajit felt something foul behind the death of Jayanti. Satyajit reported the matter to the local police. Even Jayanti`s autopsy report indicated presence of snake fangs in her body. Satyajit and three of his accomplices were arrested by the police.