Shashi Tharoor condoles A K Damoran death

Thiruvananthapuram: Former Union Minister Shashi Tharoor, MP, today expressed grief at the passing away of veteran diplomat and writer A K Damodaran.

"I express my profound condolences at the loss of Damodaran, one of India`s finest diplomats, who passed away after a long and distinguished life yesterday," Tharoor, a former UN Under Secretary General, said in a message.

As a diplomat, scholar and public servant, Ambassador Damodaran continued to contribute to India`s international relations and the country`s appreciation of the underpinnings of its foreign policy long after retirement, Tharoor said.

"Damodaran was an invaluable adviser, guide and mentor to me personally and I had the privilege of being able to see him periodically over the years, as the father of my classmate and dear friend Ramu Damodaran.I will miss him greatly", he added.

A teacher, writer and freedom fighter before becoming a diplomat, Damodaran breathed his last in New Delhi on Tuesday.